Downstream Strategies

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So you think:

  • Coal is significant part of Illinois’ economy.
  • Coal provides a significant portion of Illinois employment.
  • Coal provides important benefits to the State budget.

Think again….

Key Findings of the Report:

  • Coal mining and support activities played a relatively insignificant role in the Illinois economy, representing only 0.17% of Illinois private industry economic activity in 2010.
  • The Illinois coal industry directly or indirectly supported 11,307 employees in 2010, or only 0.19% of the Illinois workforce.
  • When taking all revenues and expenditures into account, it is estimated that the impact of the coal industry on the Illinois state budget in FY 2011 amounted to a net cost to the state of $19.8 million


  • Implement a state severance tax on coal and distribute a portion of the revenues to local governments – In many coal-producing states, severance taxes play an important a role in funding education, healthcare, infrastructure and other services provided at the state and local level.  A total of 38 states have some type of severance tax.
  • Create a permanent mineral trust fund – This fund would support short-term and long-term economic development goals and protect against any future declines in jobs and revenues provided by the coal industry.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the full costs and benefits of grant programs supporting coal-related projects and implement greater transparency and oversight – Right now, it is not readily apparent how outcomes of grants are evaluated or whether they are evaluated at all.  Some state grants are re-granted to other organizations without public accountability.

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