Proposed Resolution to Protect Farmland and Water

Presented to the Vermilion County Board March 8, 2011
by farmers and residents of Vermilion County

WHEREAS protection of the long term productivity of prime farm land is wise public policy as the world moves away from coal as an energy source and toward an era in which food production and productive land becomes more valuable,

WHEREAS Over 140 years of work, and investment has created, in the southwest corner of Vermilion County, some of the most highly productive, valuable and sought-after farmland in the world.

WHEREAS Coal revenue has the potential to create some one-time, short- term profits, those profits can come at a tremendous cost to individual tracts, to the overall wealth of the area, and to community water resources and public health.

“BE IT RESOLVED, therefore, that the Vermilion County Board opposes coal mining, coal processing, and coal waste disposal on, under, or upstream of prime farmland, high capability cropland, or land that has historically been farmed.”

See Stand Up to Coal for more.

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