Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues (CACEI)
CACEI members want to protect the green space, areas for future growth of residential neighborhoods, Canton Lake neighborhoods, commercial areas, the city’s water resource, rural wells, farmland, the natural beauty of the area and the recreational activities provided by the lake. Our immediate focus is to stop a coal strip mine from locating in the watershed of Canton Lake, the drinking water supply for over 20,000 residents. More

Citizens Against Longwall Mining (CALM)
Citizens Against Longwall Mining is a group of central Illinois residents who have been fighting the Deer Run Coal Mine in Hillsboro, IL since 2004. We are opposed to coal mining practices such as longwall mining that destroy our fertile farmland, as well as coal ash and coal slurry disposal methods that threaten the health of our communities, lands and waters. More

Justice for Rocky Branch
This new group was formed by residents trying to stop Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal company, from expanding its Cottage Grove Strip Mine in the Rocky Branch Community south of state Route 13 and  east of Harrisburg by up to 1,019 acres.  The community already is surrounded by mines, and this expansion would close roads, displace family farms, destroy forest, and fill in streams. More

Stand Up To Coal (SUTC)
SUTC is a grassroots association of farmers, landowners, villagers, and those who have a stake in the life and well being of the Allerton, Broadlands, Fairmount, Homer and Sidell area of Champaign and Vermilion Counties in east central Illinois. We seek to protect local resources that include drinking water, high quality productive farmland, and the health of our communities and natural environment. Our goal is to stop the location and operation of a proposed underground coal mine in the area that presents multiple threats to these resources. More



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