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How to Use this Map
Click the peg under the large map that includes the name of the mine you want to investigate.  Then, click on the screen next to the banner that is displayed. To zoom in, use your mouse to double-click with “left” button near the peg and banner. To zoom out again, double-click “right”. Be sure you keep your cursor near the peg, or you will lose the banner and peg as the map size increases.

The location of each mine is taken from SourceWatch and Coal Diver, an interactive coal mining website.  Mines are marked at locations reported by MSHA. These locations do not always match their actual location.

Each peg includes basic information about the mine and has links for more information (including links to web pages created for this site that provide up-to-date information about permits and other activities for specific mines).

Red pegs are existing mines and green pegs represent proposed mines.

This page uses content from the SourceWatch wiki and Coal Diver website. The material is provided for use under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.

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