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Wildcat Hills Complex


The Wildcat Hills Mining Complex consists of a non-union surface and underground mine in Gallatin and Saline counties in Southern Illinois, operated by Arclar Coal Company and owned by parent company Peabody Energy. Peabody began shipping coal in 1997 from the mine’s Eagle Valley Pit. The Cottage Grove Pit was opened in 2000. The Complex operates seven days a week year round, and sold 3 million tons of coal to electricity generating customers in 2008.

The Wildcat Hills underground operation started producing coal in March of 2006, and currently consists of one unit. Peabody is debating the addition of a second unit, which would increase the tonnage output of the mine to approximately 1.6 million tons.

  • Owner: Arclar Coal Company
  • Parent companyPeabody Energy
  • Location: 1755 Kedron Rd, Equality, IL 62934
  • GPS coordinates: 37.67594, -88.342352
  • Production: 3 million tons (2008)
  • Type of coal: Medium sulfur
  • Mine type: Surface/Underground
  • Equipment: Truck, shovel, tractor
  • Number of employees: 150 (surface) and 80 (underground)
  • Recoverable Reserves: 37 million tons

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Underground Mine Data:


SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
Pubic hearing for Peabody’s Wildcat Hills and Willow Creek Mine in Gallatin and Saline Counties.
Post hearing comments due October 6, 2011.
Public Notice Notice of Hearing.


In late November 2009, Arclar Coal Company received two permits, one for water quality certification and one for discharge, allowing mining to expand on 668 acres at the Wildcat Hills mine. Two hearings – one for each permit – were held on Sept. 29 and Oct. 14, 2009, and environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Prairie Rivers Network, and the Environmental Law and Policy Center raised objections to the expansion. However, the Illinois Environmental Protection agency approved the permits.

NPDES Permit, Eagle Valley Pit, Fall 2010


UPDATE: Massey Gone Down, Chase Relents: Protests Rock Big Coal: Beyond Blankenship, Meet Dirty Coal’s Parcel o’ Rogues

Arclar receives permits to expand Wildcat Hills mine


Coal Diver
Peabody Fact Sheet, Wildcat Hills Complex

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