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North Canton Mine


North Canton Mine is a proposed  surface mine. It would be located just over a mile and a quarter upstream of Canton Lake, which is a drinking water source for 20,000 residents. Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues (CACEI) believes that the mine has real potential to destroy over a thousand acres of woods and farmland, pollute the water supply of Canton and threaten the health and safety of residents in Canton, Brereton, the area‘s rural subdivisions and the townships of Orion and Canton.  Visit their website for more information.

  • Area: 1,084.5 acres
  • Owner: Capital Resources Development Co. LLC, Chicago
  • County: Fulton
  • State: Illinois


The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has scheduled a public hearing for the North Canton Mine’s required water pollution permits (click here for public notice and flyer).

The hearings will be held at 5:00pm and 7:30pm on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at the Donaldson Center, 250 S. Avenue D, Canton, Illinois.

Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues urges all those who support preservation and protection of Canton Lake and its watershed to attend these public hearings! Illinois EPA has tentatively decided to issue the mine’s permits – they need to hear from the public that these permits will not protect Canton Lake, Copperas Creek, local groundwater, and all of the wildlife, forests, aquatic life and birds that depend on clean water to survive. Illinois EPA must not issue these permits! Sign the petition.

Findings, Permit #385, July 29, 2008
Addendum to Findings, August 14, 2008


Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues has begun a citizen led volunteer water quality monitoring program with the support of Sierra Club Water Sentinels and the Prairie Rivers Network. The goals of the program are to increase public awareness of local water quality and to monitor the impacts of coal mining on the Canton Lake watershed.


Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues, Canton Lake, and its Watershed (CACEI) is a grassroots effort to preserve and protect natural resources in their community. Members live in Canton, as well as Canton and Orion Townships, and also include others who own property near the proposed North Canton Coal Mine.

For the past four years, CACEI’s mission of preserving and protecting our community’s environment and natural beauty has taken the focus of working to prevent a surface coal mine from opening in the watershed of Canton Lake.  Click here to visit their website and learn more.


North Canton Mine Could Be Ready to Open Within a Year
Canton Area Citizens for Environmental Issues (CACEI)

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