Individuals and groups that endorse the mission and principles below are invited to join Heartland Coalfield Alliance.

The Heartland Coalfield Alliance works to reduce impacts from dirty coal mining, coal burning and coal waste disposal while promoting cleaner, more sustainable and affordable energy solutions for the Illinois Coal Basin. Our broad based coalition has come together to develop the ideas, share the resources, build public understanding and garner political support necessary to advance solutions that can help communities in the heartland make a just transition from the current coal economy to a clean and sustainable energy economy. The Alliance has generally defined the “heartland” as the Illinois Coal Basin, including parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Guiding Principles
We believe the following principles should shape the Illinois Coal Basinʼs energy policies:

  • Reduction of state subsidies to the coal industry.
  • Implementation of pollution prevention and advanced treatment technologies to reduce the impacts of coal mining, coal processing, coal burning and waste disposal on clean air, water, land and public health.
  • Development of cleaner, renewable energy in order to increase their share of our overall energy mix.
  • Creation of new jobs and opportunities for those living and working in the Heartland, including a just transition for coal producing communities and workers.
  • Enabling local residents and businesses to take advantage of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Please note: Joining Heartland Coalfield Alliance by endorsing the mission and principles does not signify your organizationʼs endorsement of specific policies or legislative initiatives. While the Alliance is likely to take positions on specific energy policies in the future, those decisions will be made on a case by case basis by the participating organizations.

Supporters are individuals or groups who endorse the mission and principles. Supporters will be included on the email listserv and are welcome to attend/participate in Alliance meetings. Supporters do not have a vote on Alliance matters unless they represent a member organization.

Members of the Alliance are organizations that sign-on to the mission and principles and the memorandum of understanding, which outlines roles, responsibilities, privileges and decision- making processes. Member groups will each designate a point person to be the primary contact.


Application Form
Print, Complete and Mail the Application Form to:

Heartland Coalfield Alliance
c/o Prairie Rivers Network
1902 Fox Drive, Suite G
Champaign, Illinois, 61820

Or … Fill out this on-line application form:

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