Why Should You Join Heartland Coalfield Alliance?

America’s heartland is ground zero for the nation’s clean energy fight. Heartland Coalfield Alliance (HCA) is a regional collaboration of nonprofit advocacy organizations, community action groups, faith communities, students and individuals in the Illinois Coal Basin working to bring about a just transition from the heartland’s current coal economy to a safe, cleaner and sustainable energy economy.

Since its formation in 2010, the Alliance has progressed in building partnerships with regional and national beyond coal advocates, improved collaboration in our grassroots and legal fights against coal pollution, led numerous public coalfield tour events and worked with state legislators to investigate the extent of Illinois taxpayer subsidies to the coal industry.

Together, the Heartland Coalfield Alliance brings a powerful voice to the public arena and with decision makers because we are united around issues we care about.  Your support will help to make us even stronger!

Be a part of changing the future for Illinois Coal Basin communities.
Join HCA as an organization or an individual supporter!

Supporters – These are individuals who sign-on to the mission and principles. Supporters are included on email listservs and are welcome to attend/participate in Alliance meetings. As individuals, however, they do not have a vote on Alliance matters unless they are representing a member organization.

Members – Members of the Alliance are organizations that sign-on to the mission and principles and the memorandum of understanding, which outlines roles, responsibilities, privileges and decision-making processes. Member groups will each designate a point person to be the primary contact person with the Alliance. Member organizations, through these contact people, are included on email listservs and may participate in all Alliance meetings. (If the contact person changes or is unavailable, the organization can designate someone else.) An organization can designate more than one contact person, but each group gets only one vote.

Download a HCA membership application and either email a completed version to info@heartlandcoalfieldalliance.org or mail it to Heartland Coalfield Alliance, c/o Prairie Rivers Network, 1902 Fox Drive, Suite G, Champaign, Illinois, 61820.

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