Existing Coal Ash Ponds

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Click the peg under the large map that includes the name of the mine you want to investigate.  Then, click on the screen next to the banner that is displayed. To zoom in, use your mouse to double-click with “left” button near the peg and banner. To zoom out again, double-click “right”. Be sure you keep your cursor near the peg, or you will lose the banner and peg as the map size increases.


The blue “pegs” are sites listed on the EPA’s official June 2009 list of Coal combustion Residue Surface Impoundments as having a low hazard rating  The hazard potential ratings do not assess the stability of these units; the ratings assess the potential for loss of life or environmental and economic damage.

The red “pegs” show sites that are listed on the EPA’s official June 2009 list of CCR Surface Impoundments with High Hazard Potential Ratings. This rating applies to sites at which a dam failure would most likely cause loss of human life, but does not assess of the likelihood of such an event.

Remaining yellow pegs were not rated by the EPA as hazardous.

Data is Existing Coal Waste Sites In Illinois compiled by SourceWatch, who obtained information from EPA’s Coal Ash Survey database and GPS coordinates provided by Earthjustice researchers.

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