Coal Ash Battle Moves to US Senate
Urgent Action Needed!

Please call your US Senators today and urge them to prevent efforts in Congress to cut the US EPA’s authority to protect our health from toxic coal ash.

Use this link to find your Senators phone numbers and type in your zip code

1.  Tell your Senators you want them to respect the rule-making process and the comments that their constituents submitted on the EPA coal ash regulation.

2.  Tell them to let the US EPA to do its job and protect public health.

3.  Ask them if you can count on their support for basic safeguards to protect public health from toxic coal ash.

Talking Points:

  • Nearly a half million Americans submitted comments on the EPA’s proposed coal ash rule…possibly a record for a national comment period.
  • A majority of the comments support common sense safeguards from coal ash contamination that are enforceable by the EPA.
  • More than a thousand concerned citizens traveled to one of 8 EPA hearings to support federally enforceable safeguards for coal ash disposal.
  • State regulatory agencies cannot be trusted to safeguard the health of families who live near coal ash disposal sites.
  • Clearly, Americans have voiced their support FOR protection of our air, drinking water and public health by the US EPA.
  • If you have a personal story to tell…please tell it!

We MUST prevent any attempt to slash EPA’s funds for enforcing basic safeguards at toxic coal ash dump sites.  We MUST protect thousands of American communities that are vulnerable to cancers, neurological disorders and the many other illnesses so common among people who live near coal ash dump sites.

Please let your US Senators know today that Americans throughout the country want to be protected – call them immediately and tell them to uphold our right to clean air and safe drinking water.

After you make your call, please let us know you’ve made the calls and what their offices said.  Send your responses to:

Thanks for your continuing help and please spread the word.

Samuel E. Flenner III
Outreach Coodinator
Environmental Integrity Project

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